"Hi! I'm Bubbles! From The Powerpuff Girls? Yeah, I'm the one with the pigtails. I'm a former cheerleader and I recently got into Honors choir! I'm so excited for my junior year at Townsville High! My older sisters Blossom and Buttercup have their own things to do, but I'm glad we still find time for each other. I have a boyfriend, his name is Will, and the only eventful thing that I can think of other than that is the Rowdyruff Boys have returned. They're not as bad as Blossom makes them seem, though... Especially Boomer."

Independent RP/ask blog for Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls based off the glorious fanfiction called More than Human by sbj on fanfiction.net. Face claim is Ashley Benson. I own nothing. I track the tag joyousbubbles. I haven't watched PPG in a LONG time so I hope to do Bubbles justice.

Prize: Butch and Buttercupby *JKSketchy